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Drupal – a flexible and intuitive CMS – Pt. 1

drupal 01 Drupal   a flexible and intuitive CMS   Pt. 1

As I had been occupied most of my time by this great open source CMS lately, I would to share my experiences withyou. If you use, you will learned to value drupal at least for its vast amount of extremly useful modules, flexible user management and easy-to-handle content editors.

As basic requirements one needs a hosting account which has php (version 5.2 or higher) and mysql installed. Download the latest versions here, I’d recommend to choose version 6.x as most of the modules and themes are not available for 7.x, which is still in development status, but will come up with neat features.

On first hand you will have to set up a mysql database, no worries you will just have to specify just the database name, a username and a password! Now you upload the drupal core file into a folder in your webspace. After doing so you reach your drupal installation via[drupal installation folder]/install.php .

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Author: mr-mojo-risin

Various links

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Author: mr-mojo-risin

Webdesign hints

Collection of sites for help and inspiration:

  • Create a Mac style CSS Dock Menu

    Really nice tutorial for creating a cool and fancy navigation using CSS and a Jquery Javascript library. Comes as complete Download, including a icon set.

  • How to: CSS large Background

    Here you’ll find instructions how to integrate a large image as webpage background properly.

  • Blurry Background Effect

    A very nice and eye teasing visual effect, unfortunately not working for Internet Explorer 6.

  • 12 Useful Web Tools for Designers

    Several neat tools making a webdesigners daily work less miserable, a color schemer, tools for creating templates, favicons, background patterns or fonts.

  • Creating scalable Layouts

    As the design of a site is confronted with a huge range of completly different screen resolutions, it should be pretty flexible. Should. Here’s ecplain how to achieve that.

  • Massive collection of CSS hints

    Ok, this might be quite an old post, but it’s still very useful and just through it’s coverage and useful tricks, all the techniques are great helpers.

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Author: mr-mojo-risin
Category: coding, css, html, webdesign

Fast loading CSS mouse over effect

Creating buttons for the navigation bar of your website might mutate into a pretty mess, but it shouldn’t. The most simple (fully graphical) solution, creating two images for every menue item, definetly won’t challenge your brains, but will cause headaches, if you intend to change a wording or even integrate more than one language.
The following method provides a pretty simple, easily edible, fully dynamic and completely cross browser functional way to create a cool and stylish navigation using only two graphics, text and simple CSS.

View a plain demo here.

So here we go:

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CSS Mouse Over Opacity Effect

Generally this is no rocket science, using the CSS3 attribute “opacity”, unfortunately CSS3 is not supported by many browsers. As an alternative one could use JavaScript, which also might not work everywhere (if disabled due to security measures). So the easy way only works in the latest versions of Firefox and Opera.

css demo 01 CSS Mouse Over Opacity Effect

(Take a look at a live demo here)

In order to get this working in all the browsers (Ok, using IE6 we’ll have to trick a little bit, but we’ll discuss this later) we have to approach this in a sneaky way.
Here is a simple, fast, lean, cross browser functional and JavaScript free method, only using plain HTML, CSS and graphical elements:

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CSS – some basic hints

CSS (cascading style sheets) is the ultimate tool to create lean, fast, functional, SEO friendly and, though, sexy layouts. Storing style attributes in one file provides several advantages as faster loading times, the source code takes a radical diet, if all the attributes do not appear on the pages itself.

You are web designer and have to work full contact with the customer? Then you will know this situation, the customer wants that headline bold and purple – no, make it green or is blue a better choice? This goes back and forth, which would make you go crazy if you had to do the changes on thousands of subpages. Using CSS you do changes faster than the customer decides between green and yellow.

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Author: mr-mojo-risin

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